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CEO of Cynsational Events


Hello! My name is Cynthia Signio, I am the Creator and Founder of CynSational Events. I am passionate and truly inspired by the creative process, being able to build something from nothing all while giving the client a Sensational feeling of astonishment. Along with this, the comfort of making the choice of hiring me.

I honestly am in love with what I do. I have fun creating events that reflect a unique connection between the beauty within natural elements and the intimate personal visions of each client. I am mostly known for my dedication, creativity, unique style. I love capturing raw elegance in all of my designs especially when I'm given the freedom to explore endless possibilities.I love to look at each of my events through the lens of a camera because that is what allows my clients to capture these short-lived moments forever.

It's beautiful to me to be able to create unimaginable experiences from a blank canvas; this gives me the opportunity to think outside the box and truly inspire greatness through design. My husband, Fernando, is my partner in all things in life. He has encouraged me to become the best version of myself and to follow my dreams. We raise 4 children together, our sons, Jeremiah, James, Jaxon and our daughter Jordyn. —a full home and even fuller hearts! Above all else I am a mother I am blessed and grateful for my family everyday for the love, patience and support they pour upon me. My family is the reason I create and the strength to strive to get better each time.

I would love to meet you!


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